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Taxes don't need to be stressful.

Everyone's life is unique. I provide personalized service tailored to your specific tax situation.  Call to set up a phone consultation.

Why Encore?

A Certified
Tax Expert

I have been a practicing CPA for over a decade. I started my career working on real estate and investment partnerships at an international accounting firm.  After that, I moved to a regional firm to focus on small-businesses and individuals.  While every tax situation is unique, odds are I have seen one like yours before.  I would love to chat about your needs to see how I can serve you.


A Range of Clients

Over my career my clients have included lawyers, architects, artists, musicians, non-profits, real estate professionals, construction companies and more.  I am extremely well-versed in all areas of small business accounting and taxation and am familiar with the hurdles small businesses face.



Tax laws change from year to year and so does your life.  As I work through your tax return I'll look over your whole life, from business to family, to save you money on your taxes in the current year and plan for future years.  



I am a New Orleans based accountant and musician. I began practicing accounting at a Big Four accounting firm in 2007 and earned my CPA License in 2009.

Encore Accounting started as a way to help my artist and musician friends. Most of them had no idea how to handle their taxes.

My practice has grown to include  business owners, investors, and professionals of all types. 

I love speaking with clients about their financial matters. If you have a question about your finances or my services, contact me to set up an appointment.

About Me


When I started renting out my house and freelancing as my main gig, I had no idea how to handle my taxes.  Ry explained, in clear language, everything that was happening and got my return finished quickly.

—  Jason S.  —

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